Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will you take to build a news portal?

Actually, the time we need to build a website will vary depending upon the needs and requirements of the customers we work with. It also depends on the quality of design, number of features, and different components the customer requires. For a best quality news portal website design, it takes 3-6 days normally.

What are the benefits of News Portal development?

PostPublish is providing you best solution for news portal development. We develop a news portal for some websites that has some information or news from many sources. There is some Advantage of using News Portal-

  • You can see news online with daily updates.
  • You do not need to spend much time and money on that.
  • You will have all news or information up to date.
  • You can see news reports very fast rather than a newspaper.
  • What is your maintenance and support policy?

    We offer a strong all-round maintenance and support from impartial software assessment & consulting to 24/7 IT system maintenance to make sure that the news websites we create run smoothly and reliably. We also help to re-engineer or customize your solution, tackling minor and major issues that trouble system performance and functionality to ensure your system stays in line with the latest technology.

    What services PostPublish provide to you in News Portal Development?

    PostPublish provides you all solutions in development. We have a good professional developer team they are highly talented. A News Portal website has all the data or information from many sources.
    News Portal is an eLearning platform where you can share any news. The information is up to date and time saving also money-saving. The information is updated fast and easily. News portal may have news, images, videos, text, blogs, etc. You can update news in top highlighted, ads.
    You can add news, edit and if need then delete it.
    We develop a portal in such a way that a non-technical person can understand and do tasks on it. We develop a portal according to your need only. We will provide you 100% satisfaction.

    How important is a News Portal?

    A News Portal is the theme; theme designs are creative and have some good features that allow you to create fast and easily style according to your needs.
    A portal is a web-primarily based totally platform that collects facts from exclusive assets right for one person interface and affords customers with the maximum applicable facts for his or her context. Over time, easy web portals have advanced into portal structures that aid virtual purchasers revel in initiatives.

    How do online publishers make money?

    Online Publication Make More Money Than Expected Without Any Fancy Offices And Other Expenses.
    Online Publishers Make Money Through Digital Advertising Like Showing Paid Advertisement Banners In Websites, Subscriptions, Affiliate Linking, And Ecommerce Sale.

    What is the process of starting an online news portal in India?

    Starting an online news portal in India is a simple process. Currently there is no requirement to register online news portals with any ministry or department, like there is for newspapers, TV channels and radio channels. You can start off an online news portal like any other website.
    There are various guidelines from the Press Information Bureau like number of subscribers, frequency of updates, percentage of current affairs content, etc., if you are looking for accreditation for the journalists of the online news portal!

    What are the criteria for accreditation of online news portal in India?

    The general terms and conditions prescribed for the representatives of print and visual media will also be applicable in the case of online editors, correspondents, and camerapersons.
    A news site/portal means a website that has at least 1/3rd of its visible content related to news & current affairs originally reported by its own correspondents.
    The publications on behalf of which accreditation has already been given will accommodate their online journalists within their existing quota.
    The site should have paid subscribers. However, it should not be insisted on the subscribers right now but some preference will be given to the news sites having subscribers.
    Online news agencies will be governed as per the existing rules prescribed for news agencies.
    The site should have minimum annual revenue of either Rs.20 lakhs from its news portions only OR Rs. 2.5 crores from the entire website including its news portion.
    The site should be updated regularly and at least 6 times daily.
    The news portal should be observing the laws of the land in terms of content, service, promotions, finances and any other aspect of functioning.
    The news site should have been functioning for at least one year.
    The domain name of the site should be registered for at least the next 5 years from the date of application.
    The site should have at least 10,000 page views per day of its news-portion.
    The issue of determining the authenticity of the site may be decided in consultation with VSNL in case of any doubt.
    In the event of a website/portal found involved in any activity perceived as cybercrime now or in future, all accreditations given to representatives of that website/portal will be withdrawn at the discretion of the DG (M&C).

    Is it secure?

    Yes, it is as secure as it gets. All data is transmitted over a secure and encrypted channel. People cannot share your material with their URL since it is expires after a few minutes.

    Can I use my own domain?

    Absolutely! You can select a PostPublish based domain or you can map your own domain.

    Who are you?

    You are in good company! PostPublish is built by the same team that brought you eFront (give it a go at We live and breathe news-portal and have been in the field for over a decade now. One could say that we know this stuff!

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